Care Ministry

Interested in Participating in Care Ministries?
House Blessings

This function is offered to those wishing to have their home, business or property blessed by one of our Elders or Ministry Teams.  Call 970-663-5433 x108.

Illness & Hospital Visitations

Prayer for healing and communion are available.   Call 970-663-5433 x128.

Bereavement Support

This is ministering to families during the initial loss of a loved one and later with follow-up contact.  Help is offered with funeral arrangements, visits, calls, funeral dinner preparation, errands, driving, florists, house-cleaning, babysitting, etc.  Call 970-663-5433 x128.


For Wedding information, call the Church Office at 970-663-5433 x108.

Water Baptisms

To schedule a Water Baptism, call 970-663-5433 x102.

We also offer Water Baptisms at our annual FREE Swim Party in the Summer.  Call for details.

Baby Dedications

To schedule a Baby Dedication, call 970-663-5433 x102.