Welcome Guests

Welcome to Message of Life Ministries!


We want all Guests to feel comfortable at Message of Life.   When you visit our church, you can expect the following:

Before the Service

  • Friendly Greeters will offer you a Newsletter &  assistance
  • Coffee & Donuts are available in the Donut Shoppe before & after Service
  • Find a Seat,  check us out, relax….. you’ll never be singled out.
  • Service Begins with a Group Declaration.  Receive!  Enjoy!

During the Service

  • Our Service  is easy to follow.
  • Our Pastors and the multimedia system will guide you!
  • Our Announcements are featured on the large screen.
  • Our Music  is Relevant and Contemporary.
  • Our Full Band  brings a mixture of lively uplifting praise, heartfelt moving worship, as well as, time-honored hymns.
  • Please feel free to join us in Worship.
  • Our Giant Screen displays the lyrics, scriptures and media presentations.
  • Testimonies are shared occasionally to build faith and to get to know each other.
  • Expect a Message  that is positive, practical, and full of Life.
  • When served, Communion is open since we are an inter-denominational church.
  • We are a Giving Assembly, therefore, we participate in Tithes, Offerings and Alms.
  • Service will Conclude with the scriptural blessing.
  • Private Prayer is offered at the front after Service.  Take advantage as you wish.

After the Service

  • Check out the Specials in the Lighthouse Bookstore following service.
  • Recordings of the service may be purchased at the Audio Counter in the Lobby.
  • For those wanting food & fellowship following, Join the “Lunch Bunch”.   In this social setting, pastors make themselves available to answer any of your questions.